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Raspberry Pi and General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)

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00:00 1. Introduction How can Raspberry Pi interact with other devices?
00:10 2. Permissions What Unix permissions are needed to interact with the GPIO?
How should permissions be structured for production versus development?
00:30 3. Pinout What pins are available?
What do pins do?
How can you refer to pins?
00:50 4. GPIO via Bash How can you interact with the GPIO?
What do pins do?
How can you refer to pins?
01:40 5. Using GPIO Pins for Input How can GPIO pins get information in?
02:20 6. Using GPIO Pins for Output How can you use pins to control things?
03:00 7. GPIO for serial connections What kinds of serial connections are there?
How do you enable serial connections?
04:00 Finish

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